DJH Youth Hostel

Hostels in the most beautiful regions of Saxony-Anhalt

Bode Canyon close to Thale
View to the Brocken
Wintersport in the Harz Mountains

From prehistory through the middle ages, from the reformation through industrialization and on into modernity – there’s hardly anywhere else where you can find such a diversity of historical tourist highlights preserved within such a small area.

Saxony-Anhalt has rich cultural treasures and vibrant cities that seem as if they conspire to  lure visitors with a rare combination of educational attractions and pleasure. Dessau, Quedlinburg, Wittenberg, and Wörlitz: if you are interested in UNESCO-world heritage sites, you will find them here.  

And if you’re interested in uniquely beautiful landscapes, you can find them here in like measure.  Our magical river landscapes are some of the finest and best-preserved in Europe, including the areas around the Elbe and Havel, Saale, Unstrut and Bode, Mulde and Elster rivers.  From our peaceful northern heaths to the magical mountain landscape of the Harz range, our region offers a great diversity of landscapes to explore.